Digital Print: Grand Modelisque

I wanted to look at the use of garish pink in relation to women and girls. Have you noticed the proliferation of pink on magazine covers? There are two or three variations of pink commonly used as long as they look fake, unnatural and cheap. I have also noticed this filtering into products for female children and regularly see little girls decked out from head to foot in nasty pink including prams and bikes. I find this disturbing and insidious and wonder about its symbolism and why it has become so extreme. In the work below I have taken the text from some popular women's magazine covers to fill and distort the figure of a model. I have repeated the image multiple times and reworked it both in and out of the computer. This work was included in issue 6 of Timglaset magazine.  

Grand Modelesque
Digital Print


Four photographs exploring textures, layers, chance and abstraction. I didn't notice the eye peeking through until I uploaded these. 

Underneath 1

Underneath 2

Underneath 3

Underneath 4
Jane Pearrett 2018

Incantation by Laughter by Futurist poet Velimir Khlebnikov

Incantation by Laughter

         O laugh it out, you laughsters!
         O laugh it up, you laughters!
So they laugh with laughters, so they laugherize delaughly.
         O laugh it up belaughably!
O the laughingstock of the laughed-upon – the laugh of belaughed laughsters!
O laugh it out roundlaughingly, the laugh of laughed-at laughians!
         Laugherino, laugherino,
         Laughify, laughicate, laugholets, laugholets,
                  Laughikins, laughikins,
         O laugh it out, you laughsters!
         O laugh it up, you laughters!

                                                               translated from the Russian by Gary Kern

Collage: Muscles Grouped According To Their Principal Action

As we come towards to the end of 2017 I thought it would be good to share what I think is one of my best works from this year. I made this for issue no.7 of a Swedish arts magazine called Timglaset. The theme was 'Errata' which triggered me into Dada mode. It seemed to me that this movement, being quite nihilistic and anti-aesthetic, would work well with the theme.   

So, a quick explanation: the work is done on the back of a used envelope with the glue and the brand name revealed at the top, which is an obvious 'mistake'. The cut-and-paste limbs are in the wrong place (more mistakes) and are not matched in size (oh dear!) and the head and one arm form an oversized phallus shape on this rolling nightmare-type figure. All is connected by the central cog. A single flexed arm appears to punch a red sphere which is a symbol of strength or aggression. A diagonal line loosely anchors the whole thing. This is a war-like, machine-like entity but it is also comical and kind of silly, which war is in so many ways.

Anyway it's my favourite piece of work from this year; just thought I'd let you know.

Muscles Grouped According To Their Principal Action
Collage by Jane Pearrett
Pencil, gouache and vintage images on an envelope

Collage (This piece is sold)

It's been a while since I've done any paper collage but I have been doing other things such as submitting a piece of digital collage for Timglaset 6, a great arts publication produced in Sweden. I'm really looking forward to seeing my work in there and will share more information about this when it's published.

Also this year I took part in an exhibition with the Tunnel art collective. Their next show is called Mercerism, at The Crypt in London. However, I haven't been doing much else so it's with great pleasure that I have gone back to doing some work with paper collage; when it's successful I think it is one of the best ways of working and can surprise the maker as much as the viewer with the result.

A3 Paper collage 2017
Found vintage photographs, gouache and graphite on paper.